Hacking Prevention Solution with Dynamic Technology
STEP 01.

Module Generator

Constantly creates
dynamic security modules
with the latest security level.

STEP 02.

Dynamic Module

Exists in unlimited quantity. Each has different source code. Different module runs each time.

STEP 03.

Inside App

A security module is replaced with a new one periodically and repeatedly.

Hackers’ attempt to hack in a time limit
Impossible due to countless modules

the inconvenient truths
about existing security solutions?

existing solutions



Just as the content of a book never changes once printed, the source code of software in the user’s hand does not change until the next update of the program itself.


Likewise, the source code of security solution inside a program that gets distributed to users never changes.


Just as knowing the language means the ability to read in that language, hackers are literate in programming languages and thus able to understand the source code written by programmers.


A security solution with changeless code keeps operating the same way and becomes an easy target for hackers to analyze and penetrate.



EVERSAFE runs on endlessly-changing code.

Hackers never have enough time to analyze the security source code of EVERSAFE.

EVERSPIN has coined its invention “DYNAMIC SECURITY” in contrast to
the existing “STATIC SECURITY” that runs on changeless source code.

Product Categories

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Categories Products Details Types Brochures
Mobile Application EVERSAFE for Mobile A mobile security solution that prevents hackers from manipulating or attacking applications. DYNAMIC Download
Codemix for Mobile An obfuscation solution that transforms source code into a complicated form that makes hackers take more time for analysis. STATIC
Communication Channel EVERSAFE for API An API protection solution that prevents hackers from manipulating or attacking the communication channel between the server and the application. DYNAMIC
Web EVERSAFE for Web A Web security solution that prevents hackers from manipulating or attacking the Web services of the client. DYNAMIC

We addressed the most fundamental problem
of previous security solutions: it stays fixed.

We propose Dynamic Security Solution
for the next generation.

With EVERSAFE, is armed with DYNAMIC module,
you can block any possibility of being hacked.

Successful References


Securing client by

Proving Competitiveness

WOORI BANK is a major commercial bank in Korea
with approximately 8 million customers. The bank
recognized problems of the STATIC solution in use at the time and held a BMT to adopt a new security solution.

Seven static solution companies and Everspin
participated. Everspin proved its superior DAYNAMIC security and won the competition.
As a result, Woori bank has become Everspin's client.

Security Test
by Global Consulting Firm

Superb technology proven by

Global Consulting Firm

A client wanted to verify the strength of Everspin’s technology through a reliable third-party, so they independently sought consultation from Deloitte, the world’s top consultancy in cybersecurity. (Source: Forrester & Gartner )

Everspin's client requested that Deloitte's most skillful hackers examine Everspin's technology, which led to Deloitte’s evaluation of Everspin's dynamic solution as highly refined technology.


Securing client by their

Voluntary Approach

True Balance is a mobile balance checking app in
India with approximately 70 million users. Apart
from balance checking, it offers other financial
services including recharging, payment, and loans.

Due to India’s increasing cybercrime incidents, this company needed a security solution truly protect its vast financial services. After reviewing multiple security solutions, True Balance recognized the technical excellence of Dynamic Security and approached Everspin.


Securing client by

Global Recognition

SBI Holdings is a global financial conglomerate with
several tens of million customers in Japan and
worldwide. Approximately 200 group companies of
SBI holdings are spread out throughout the world,
including banks, securities firms, and insurance firms.

SBI became aware of Everspin while seeking the best security solution for its entire group companies. After SBI’s thorough scrutinization of countless security solutions in the world, Everspin’s Dynamic Security was acknowledged as best.

A set of source code always operates the same way as
designed by the developer. And so does the code developed
for security.

“Once written, it never changes.”

Changeless code is easily analyzable by hackers, who are
literate in computer languages.

All existing cybersecurity solutions in the world consist of codes that are changeless, hence analyzable. This allows hackers’ attempts to be successful.

Now, it is time to tackle this innate deficiency in current
security solutions.

DYNAMIC SECURITY is formed based on constantly
changing source code. It was born fundamentally more
secure than STATC SECURITY (fixed code based).

Everspin opened a new paradigm of cybersecurity.